Thursday, July 18, 2019

Decision-Making by Following the Light

by Emily Conrad

The tapping prompted my husband to ask if it'd started to rain. He was sitting in an enclosed three-seasons room with his Bible study group. It'd grown dark, so they'd turned on a light, and then tap, tap, tap.

Because he'd left a car window open, he went out and checked, but no rain.

The sound was a crowd of insistent bugs, attempting to get to the light inside.

Tap, tap, tap. All night. They decided to turn out the light while they prayed at the end to cut down on the distraction.

Seconds after they distinguished the light, all the tapping stopped.

The bugs doggedly followed the light. When it left, so did they.

Thousands of years ago, the Israelites operated in a manner similar to those determined bugs.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

This Was Supposed to Be Easy

by Emily Conrad

I blame last year's success.

Our cherry tomato plants produced a bumper crop last year, so this year, I planted a full-scale garden.

I ordered seeds while snow covered the ground. I passed the long, slow spring by starting my seeds indoors. We rotter-tilled a large rectangle in the back yard. I planted my garden, and we fenced it off so the dogs wouldn't graze on or trample the plants.

Add in some easy weeding and the process I described above is more or less the extent of what I did last year. It was easy. The results, yummy and abundant.

But this year, once I got my plants in the ground, the trouble started.