Thursday, February 21, 2019

Rethinking What It Means to Win

by Emily Conrad

In a video study on the Gospel of Mark*, Francis Chan says that the disciples “were so used to winning,” they went into Jerusalem with Jesus that final time leading up to the crucifixion thinking, “We’re going to take this over.”

What a very good point. They’d seen Jesus walk on water, feed multitudes, and raise the dead.

And then, they saw Him crucified. And that did not feel like a win.

Chan’s point is that, faced with such horribly disappointed expectations, such a terrible loss, we, too, would’ve reacted like the disciples did when Jesus was arrested, tried, and crucified.

How Jesus’s death must’ve called everything into question for them. How they must’ve doubted and grieved from the time of Jesus’s arrest up until His resurrection.

Taking that excellent point a step further, Chan's comment got me thinking about what it means to win and my own attitudes toward winning.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

When You Want to Move the World but Can’t

by Emily Conrad

Someone out there needs to know that Jesus loves her, so I’ll write it here:

Jesus loves you.

I’m writing this note on the assumption that you need this Valentine.

But, really, it’s me, too. So, I’ll write it again, this time for myself:

Jesus loves you.

Today is supposed to be all red gushing hearts and lovey dovey feelings, but the reality is, it’s February, and winter blankets many of our homes. Sickness descends and orders many of us back to bed.

Or a cold has sidelined me, anyway. Yet, the refrain repeats:

Jesus loves you.