Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Place to Rest

by Emily Conrad

They cut black across a blue sky. They descend on silos in flurried clouds and perch in neat rows atop the green signs lining the highway. They flutter off streetlights as my dogs and I approach.

Birds intrigue me, and that's probably why, when I search for birds in my collection of photos, Google Photos came back with more than I could ever put in a single post.

Their wings symbolize freedom, sure, but the draw is greater than that.
Around here, the return of robins and pelicans heralds the dawn of spring. Geese's departure advertises the advent of fall.

The elegant, white glide of a snowy owl reminds me that God equips us for the circumstances we face.

That something so fragile and small as a sparrow can not only survive but thrive reminds me of God's loving care.

So, I enjoy spotting small flocks perched along the upper rim of some man-made sign, wire, or pole. Birds are so rarely alone up there. Have you noticed that?

Humans posted that sign to signal how many more miles we had to go before our exit. We strung up that wire to provide electricity. We erected that pole to illuminate the street.

What we meant for direction and energy and light, birds see as a resting place.

Perched as they are, they remind us that even those who soar gain from taking a breather with a friend.

They invite us to follow their lead. We can rest with the Giver of Light, borrow strength from the ultimate Energy Source, and dwell on the Directions that will never steer us wrong. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Because of Jesus, we have a safe place to land. The same God who created each sparrow, crow, and owl invites us to dwell with Him so we can soar like eagles.

And though sometimes, we may look it, we're never, ever alone. Have you noticed that?

My parents had a pair of great horned owls nest in their yard last year. I'm hoping they're back, but we haven't seen them yet this year. I did, however, catch a glimpse of what I believe was a gigantic snowy owl on a walk recently!

Do you have any special birds you keep an eye out for?

The same God who created each sparrow, crow, and owl invites us to dwell with Him so we can soar like eagles. #thursdaythoughts #hiseyeisonthesparrow @emilyrconrad


Robyn Hook said...

Beautiful post, Emily! Thanks for sharing.

Emily Conrad said...

Thank you, Robyn! So glad you stopped by!

Cheryll Snow said...

Emily, this us lovely. Going to share this one! ♥♥♥

Mary Felkins said...

Great word: REST. And true, I rarely ever see a bird perched alone. If I do, it kinda makes me sad. Especially when there are others near by. But come to think of it, they're making room for others to join the fellowship :) Thanks for sharing, Emily

Emily Conrad said...

Thanks so much, Cheryll!

Emily Conrad said...

Yes! Such a precious word! And wouldn't you know, my Bible reading this morning was Matthew 1:28-30--also about rest. God must be trying to tell me something :)

Pearl Allard said...

“...they remind us that even those who soar gain from taking a breather with a friend.” Emily, love this.

Emily Conrad said...

Thank you, Pearl! Grateful you stopped by, friend <3

marilyn leach said...

I love birds, too, Emily. I have a bird feeder on my deck, and it's especially fun when the little red-headed finches feast at my table. It's the red-wing black bird that heralds spring here at the lake. Their trill is unmistakable. Cheers

Emily Conrad said...

A bird feeder! I ought to get one of those. I love the trill of red-wing blackbirds, and their colors are so vibrant! Thanks for joining the conversation, Marilyn!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Lovely post, Emily
Good luck and God's blessings