Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Secret Ingredient to Life as a Dreamer

I met up with two other local writers yesterday. As we shared our backgrounds and our journeys toward achieving our dreams, some similarities between our lives presented themselves. While we share the same faith and, on the opposite side, some of the same questions and insecurities, we also all have one important similarity that I believe fuels our writing. Without it, I doubt any of us would've been sitting at that table, calling ourselves writers.

What is that all-important ingredient?

It's people! We all have supportive people in our lives who:
Noticed and recognized our talents early
Believe in our dreams--and our abilities to achieve them
Dispel those pesky, persistent doubts
Continue to take an interest in our progress
Act as sounding boards
Support us emotionally and, sometimes even financially

I'm convinced that in my own life, having people like this is not just a luxury. Without them, doubt and discouragement would've enticed me to give up my dreams long ago. 

Do you have a dream? If so, who has encouraged you along the way? Consider this your reminder to thank those precious people.

Is there a dreamer in your life? At their outset, especially, but also along the way, many dreamers are fragile. Rejection and criticism, though sometimes necessary or a natural part of pursuing success, strike at our core. What role can you play in encouraging someone else's dream?

It doesn't necessarily take a grand gesture. Even just an email or text appreciating someone's talent can go a long way.

As for me, I'm so grateful for those who have helped me to become the writer I am today and the writer I'll be tomorrow. I hope I can pass that encouragement on to others.

Your Sister

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