Friday, June 19, 2015

Snapchats from God?

Last night, my husband and I went out for a walk. Within a block of starting, I noticed the pink and purple clouds that glowed to the west. My husband said he had his phone, offering to take a picture to preserve the moment. I told him not to bother because sunset happens every night. Our job is to take the time to enjoy it in the moment.

Dare I say that sunrises and sunsets are like Snapchats from God?

They are wonderful images that appear for a limited time, and then they're gone. Sure, we can (and do) take pictures of some of them, and some of those pictures are gorgeous. But a camera could never capture the wonder of a painting that stretches the length of the horizon.

As I write this, a novel I finished reading yesterday also comes to mind. In it, the main character comes to realize that life and love are limited-time-only gifts from God. They're like sunsets in that way. We have the people in our lives for a time, but death is still a part of our world, so while those relationships will probably last much, much longer than a sunset, but they won't last forever. Rather than viewing that as unfair, the character comes to appreciate the relationships she has and to praise God for the time she did have with those she's lost. (The book is This Dance by Jerusha Agen, if you're wondering.)

All this to say that I hope you (and I!) take the time to enjoy our blessings, things as simple as sunsets to things as complex as relationships. They're gifts, and they're meant to be appreciated and to point us back to praise of our Creator, who sent them.

Your Sister

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