Monday, June 8, 2015

Lessons from a dying computer and a typo

I had a weekend full of obligations, a sore throat, and a nose that got stuffier as Saturday went on.

By Saturday afternoon, I got myself home and intended to stay there until my Sunday plans would force me into action. For me, staying home usually involves writing. Even though I was getting sick, writing isn't physically taxing, so why not work on revising my novel?

Not long into my writing session, my laptop informed me it was running out of battery. Plug in or shut down, it said. But the computer was plugged in. I moved the cord to four different outlets to no avail. No matter what I did, it wouldn't register that it was connected to a power source so it died.

My husband came home a few hours later, plugged in the computer, and then, of course, the thing worked beautifully. So what happened?

Technically speaking, I have no idea. Supernaturally speaking, I think God was trying to give me the night off. On Sunday, I was feeling even worse than on Saturday and I had to cancel a full line up of plans. But of course, at some point, I opened the story and looked at some of the changes I had made on Saturday before my laptop died. I found the typo "Daniel might her someone." It was supposed to say, "Daniel might hurt someone." Apparently, my Saturday night brain had resorted to spelling phonetically and lacked the attention span to make it through four letters. Lovely. Funny thing is, I was even worse on Sunday when I found the typo. I didn't even try to fix it or mark it for later. I just shut down the program.

It's Monday, and I'm still not at one hundred percent (if you find any typos in this post, I'm blaming this cold!), but thanks to the rest I got this weekend, I'm getting better. I fixed the typo, and I think I see a lesson in what happened with my computer.

While I don't believe every roadblock is intended to change our direction, I do believe that sometimes, God uses (causes?) circumstances in our lives to shut us down when we don't see for ourselves how much we need to back off. If you're coming up against the equivalent of a dying laptop right now, trust that God is in control and he knows what's best, though we often don't recognize how right he is until we look back later.

Have you had a circumstance like this where something frustrating shut down your plans but you later saw good come from it?

Your Sister

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