Friday, June 12, 2015

God is So Good

Tonight, I'll be attending the wedding of a woman I grew up with at church. She's a year or two younger than me, and we were never really close, but I've seen and heard enough to respect her heart and her faith.

I've also been around enough to suspect that she had a long wait for God to bring the right man into her life. In fact, I suspect, she had a long wait to even have prospects, and I can only imagine how trying that was. But, God used one blind date to change the course of everything, and now that God has brought her the man she'll marry today, even I, from a bit of a distance, can see they have something very special. Like I said, we're not particularly close, so I'm not going to bug her on her wedding day to ask, but I suspect she'd tell you today, as the end of her wait for a husband draws closer by the minute, "God is so good."

As I wait for things to happen in my own life, it's so encouraging to see how God has provided for others. He is so good. Even when we're waiting. His plans, the miracles he's working, the futures he's building us from the ground up specifically designed for us and for God's glory... All of it is so good.

If you're struggling to be patient through a long wait for something, I hope you can find someone around you who has just seen an answer to prayer, and I hope you can take heart in knowing that the same God who orchestrates their life also orchestrates yours. Times of waiting come to an end, but God's goodness never does.

Your Sister

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