Friday, May 15, 2015

What the Dog Trainer Taught Me About Prayer

In the ongoing saga of training my dogs to behave, I met with a trainer yesterday. My dogs immediately improved, and I wish I'd enlisted help months (or maybe years) ago. Toward the end of my meeting with the trainer, I mentioned that I lead a Bible study. The meeting ended, the trainer went out to her car, and then I saw her making her way back to the house. When I opened the door, she said that she just had to come back because when she knows someone has faith, she encourages them to pray about their dogs, being open to new and helpful ways to interact with them, and so on. She said that a lot of people never really think to pray about something like behavioral issues with their dogs or their hopes for training a well-behaved animal.

Now, I had prayed about my meeting with the trainer, but it was nothing commendable. I simply remember shooting up a quick, "God, please help this to go well" as I cleaned up the house.

Because of the trainer's advice, I realized that I should've been more intentional in my prayers. Not that I needed to talk God's ear off, but why not talk to God about what I think success would look like? Or pray for a mind that is open to what he has for me?

As Christians, we claim to have a relationship with God. One of the keys to healthy relationships is communication. God wrote us a book that always has something more to offer us. So how's our side of the conversation looking?

This goes waaaay beyond dog training. What's going on in your life right now? Have you prayed about it in more than just a passing, "God, please help?"

Your Sister

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