Friday, May 22, 2015

The Line in My Morning

I drew a line through my morning. One the early side, I have a routine that revolves around waking up, making coffee, and beginning to think. Then there's the imaginary line, which I'm not to cross until I've read my Bible. On the other side of it wait the things I want to do today. Not just a to-do list, but stuff I'm curious to read and looking forward to working on. 

While I'm not perfect in this habit, drawing this line through my morning routine has helped me to be more faithful in studying God's Word. If I really believe the Bible is true and God loves me and wants a relationship with me, then I need to make this a priority. It sets the tone for my perspective for the day. It puts God before the work I love, which I could easily turn into an idol.

If you're a Christian, I hope you've drawn a line somewhere when you take time to focus on the things of God... and not just once a week when you attend church. Have you noticed something that especially tugs at your time and attention? Consider prioritizing God above that activity by committing to spend time with him before that part of your day.

Your Sister

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