Friday, May 1, 2015

Four Tips for Visiting Family

When my husband and I travel to visit family, I've found a few tips can help make the time being a house guest much more enjoyable:
  •  Bring along some food you like. For me, this is part necessity, since I have a few food allergies. But it's also nice for the host to not have to provide all the food.
  • Get some quiet time away from the host. My husband and I usually take at least one walk to ourselves while we're there. It's just part of resting, recharging, and being ready for more fun together later. And most likely, your host has some things he or she would like to catch up on, too.
  • Bring activities you enjoy that your host will also enjoy. We have a small bag of activities to do with our young nephews that includes a kit of science experiments for my husband to do with them and some oven-bake modeling clay for me to make things with them. Board or yard games are other great options.
  • Make some plans for while you're there. We're planning to go see a movie that releases the day we get there. It's something special that we all get to look forward to, and it'll get us out of the house and past any of those funny, "I don't know, what do you want to do?" conversations. I once made the mistake of not making any plans, and that was frustrating for both me and the host. Best to have some ideas of activities mapped out before you go.
What are some of your habits that make staying with family a happier time?

Your Sister

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