Monday, April 20, 2015

Overcoming Blah

Ever have one of those days where you get a lot of stuff done and still feel like you accomplished next to nothing? Today's one of those days for me.

Here are the facts: I went to the gym, the vet, and two banks. I answered a few emails, balanced my checking account, and took my dogs for a walk. I met with the girl I mentor and accomplished some tasks for committees I'm on at church. I read part of a book I'm critiquing.

Here's how I feel about my day: blah.

I much prefer the picture the facts paint over my emotions right now. Does this ever happen to you? If so, how can we turn around our feelings?

Because taking care of our bodies can have a huge effect on how we feel, I'm going to have a healthy dinner. Since my husband's working late and I only have to please myself, this means a nutritious smoothie with fruit, spinach, and protein.

I'm also going to drink plenty of water. I haven't had much since my morning workout.

Last, I'm going to focus on how much I got done and how much more I can still accomplish today. Notice I wrote the whole list above of what I accomplished rather than just saying I did a lot today? That's my way of looking back and letting my mind tell my emotions that today was productive.

Knowing the truth and taking action to make my future better has already helped me to turn the emotional corner and has set me up for a productive evening where I plan to get more reading done.

What's important to you when you need to turn around your emotions?

Your Sister

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