Friday, April 10, 2015

How to Overcome

If you were to see my status, you might see that I've been reading one particular book for... I think it's up to two years now. To my credit, it's a 1000-page biography on Winston Churchill, so it's not exactly light reading.

I haven't mentioned it to Goodreads yet, but I'm also reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. World War II makes up a huge part of both books, and both star men who overcame and survived the war.

Hillenbrand makes an interesting point in her book about three men who are all stranded on life rafts together. In theory, the three men should've had about the same odds of survival. Well, or, maybe not... one entered the life raft with a head wound. But the man with the head wound and the star of the book both climbed onto the raft with can-do spirits bent on survival. The third man, though uninjured physically, brought with him and attitude of despair. Two men survived the ordeal on the rafts. Guess who didn't.

This is convicting for me because I sometimes tend to focus more on my problems than on how I can overcome them. If I were on a life raft, would I be coming up with creative ways to catch food, or would I be discouraged and constantly focusing on dying?

This morning, I got to thinking about the book on Winston Churchill. (I swear, one day, I will finish the book!! How's that for a can-do spirit?) I feel like the fall of France to the Nazis was portrayed in a similar manner to the man who died on the life raft. While England, led by Churchill, determined to fight with everything they had, France seems to have given in early based on their fears of being taken over. France was occupied. England, against all odds, survived the war without the Germans taking over. It seems there really is something to determination and a positive outlook.

Thankfully, I've not seen the front lines of war in my lifetime, but I'm going to take this to heart. I could certainly be more positive about my life and the challenges I face. Money, writing, even training my dogs are all opportunities for me.

What about you? Where can you apply persistence, creativity, and optimism? What challenge can you attack with renewed fervor? You might be surprised at what a difference an attitude adjustment makes.

Your Sister

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