Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm Right Here

My puppy is a hound mix of some kind. When we first adopted him, I looked around the Internet to see what kind of hound he might be. I determined by his coloring that he was probably a Black and Tan Coonhound.

Then, I read about Black and Tan Coonhound personality. They're stubborn, brave, and they love their luxury. Oh, yeah, and because they love food so much, they tend to "counter surf."


And, it turns out, very true. The dog barks at the vacuum instead of just running away like the others. He is not easily deterred from going for things he shouldn't, even when he sees you coming to stop him. He will misbehave if his comfy bed isn't in the room so that he can sleep.

As I was preparing dinner the other day, the puppy jumped up to see what there was available for the taking.

"I'm right here!" I called out. How brazen was he that he'd try to eat my dinner while I was standing right there?

That got me thinking. Jesus said he'd with with us "always, to the end of the age" (Matt. 28:20, ESV). He puts his Spirit in us. Because he's that close to us as Christians, he has a front row seat to all of our bad attitudes and motives, all the wrong actions. But how often do we ignore that and just do what we want anyway?

Maybe that'll help me pause next time I'm about to engage in one of the many human equivalents of counter surfing (aka, sin). Praise God, he's much more forgiving and patient than I am. He corrects me, forgives me, and enables me to do better.

That's good news for my puppy, too, because if I have any hope of mustering the patience and unconditional love it'll take to train the puppy, that hope comes from the the enabling of the Holy Spirit.

In the meantime... Have you had a counter surfing dog? I'd love to hear any tricks for training that behavior away!

Your Sister