Friday, February 27, 2015

My Big, Big Feet

In high school, some of the girls I used to hang out with (or at least one of them) wore shoes shoes much larger than mine.

I wanted to keep up. It was probably a carry over of elementary school mentality where growing up and becoming an adult is the coolest thing in the world. Add to that the high school pressure of wanting to fit in and be part of a group. And there you have it: a girl who increased and increased her shoe size and eventually ended up claiming size 9.5 as her own.

These days, I wear a consistent 7.5.

The funny thing is that I wore 9.5's to fit in. To seem grown up. And the whole time, I must've looked like I was wearing clown shoes.

Who knows why I thought of this today, but I'm glad I did. I graduated high school almost 15 years ago, so enough time has passed that I can fess up to something like this without being (too) embarrassed. I can look at it to find the underlying lesson.

The pressure to fit in and seem like we've "made it" doesn't end with high school, and it comes in much more dangerous areas than shoe size. When we forget to look at our lives or bodies to see how certain things affect us, and we instead focus on what our crowd of role models, friends, and families do and say, we can be led way off course.

So, join me in checking your true "shoe size." Do your life and the choices you make in it really fit you? Really? Or are you making yourself uncomfortable?

Maybe you work out too hard for your fitness level just to keep up a front that you can match pace with your super-fit friend. Maybe you spend $200 on sunglasses (or boots or jackets or...) to keep up with the other women in your school/dorm/office. Maybe you go out to parties that are a little too wild for your liking because otherwise, your friends wouldn't hang out with you.

Whatever it is, it might be time to try on a different size. That can mean some hard decisions, but better to make them now than to do what I did, which was to look back fifteen years later and only then recognize I looked like a clown!

What lengths have you gone to to fit in?

Your Sister

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