Friday, February 13, 2015

Dollar Dates

My husband and I recently decided that we've been spending waaay too much time watching TV instead of having a relationship. The thing about TV is that it's inexpensive (for us - we don't have a fancy cable package), so it fits our currently-limited budget while also being entertaining.

Other times we've tried to cut back on TV, we've ended up drumming our fingers and saying, "So what do you want to do?" We love to eat out and go shopping, but those things get expensive. This time has been different, and it's all thanks to the local dollar store.

I worked at the dollar store for about two months in high school. Hated it so much that afterwards, I didn't shop there. But recently, I needed some Play Dough for a Bible study illustration and was short on cash. I ventured back in. I found "modeling dough" (not brand name, of course) and inspiration.

The dollar store is just a nickname, given because everything there is $1. Merchandise doesn't have price tags, but there are labels around that advertise the shared price... Yet, of course, when I worked there, people would come up and ask how much this or that was. Other stores that have "dollar" in their name sell things are not that cheap, so I suppose we can blame the confusion on them. And the dollar store does have some surprising finds for their low, low price.

Anyway, on my modeling dough trip, I found they had 101- and 500-piece puzzles. For $1 each! I picked up a couple of them, and putting them together with my husband made for a couple of our first Dollar Dates.

Picking out our next Dollar Date together entertained us, too. We ended up with a couple of more puzzles, but other options are crosswords, board games, foam dart guns, various crafts, and, well, I guess it depends on how creative you can get. They have cleaning products... maybe I should convince him that cleaning the house would make a good date?

Anyway, if you're short on cash and looking for entertainment, check out your local dollar store and see if you can find treasures there.

Do you have other good, clean, inexpensive date ideas?

Your Sister


  1. I need to do better at this, too! In the past, we borrowed my mom's scrabble game and played like every night for months. We've also gone for walks at parks, hit tennis balls at the courts of the YMCA or other public courts, or just gone for a ride by the lake. Definitely worth the effort.

    1. Ooh, tennis! Good call! When we were dating, we did that for a bit. We live in walking distance from some courts at one of the local parks, so that might be a nice activity... once all this snow melts :)