Monday, February 23, 2015

Blogs, Chairs, and Cars

The movie Phenomenon made a really good point... It must've or why else would I be thinking of it almost twenty years after it came out, right?

Last week, as my husband and I were working on another puzzle together, he mentioned that he reads my blog most of the time. He's not exactly my target audience, and it's been a while since he mentioned anything from the blog. Though now that he's brought it up again, I do recall that once, out of the blue, he referred to something I'd written on it. So, both times that it's come up, I've been flattered and surprised. Kind of thrilled, really.

How is this related to a movie from 1996?

In Phenomenon, a woman makes a bunch of wicker chairs and sells them. The main character, who's in love with her, buys them one after another, way more than he has any use for.  He does it, not because he needs the chairs, but because of what it means to her that he's buying the chairs that she put so much work and effort into. Here's a quotation about it off of IMDb:
Every woman has her chair, something she needs to put herself into, Banes. You ever figure out what Lisa's chairs were and buy 'em?

We all have something like the chairs in Phenomenon. I have my blog and my novels. It means a lot to me when people connect with what I've written. For my husband, the work he does on cars means a lot to him. If he brings home a car he's just fixed up and polished to a high sheen, and I don't go out and look at it, I'm failing to support something he's passionate about, something he chose to spend his time on perfecting. This beauty is one of his projects. Pretty awesome for a 15-year-old car, don't you think?

This applies to more than romantic relationships, though. I'm convinced that appreciation like this is vital to any close relationship, whether it's a friend or family member. Join me in taking a look around. What do the people who are most important to you spend their time on? Is there a way you can show your appreciation for the end result? Go out of your way to do so, if you don't already. My bet, as someone who's still floating on the glow of something similar, is that it'll transform your relationships.

Your Sister

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