Wednesday, November 19, 2014

These Things Don't Just Happen

I have a friend who quit her full-time job and maintained a part-time job in order to have time to pursue other things in her life that were more important. A few years ago, when this was a fairly new situation for her, I remember telling her I was jealous that she and her husband could afford to make that decision. Her response? Something along the lines of how they were making other sacrifices in order to make that choice work for them.

These things don't just happen.

Back then, I had the ability to make the same decision as her. I just didn't want to pay for it with other sacrifices. My guess? When I voiced my jealousy, my friend thought of my vacations and my new clothes, and my fancy phone. Not that she ever told me any of that. She just tactfully implied that the decision was harder than it looked and I was being pointlessly jealous.

Now that I've quit my own job to pursue a new (dream) career, I know what she meant. These things don't just happen. They take sacrifice. Same goes for running marathons, losing weight, getting dream promotions, becoming a stay-at-home mom, raising a well-behaved puppy, and... many of the best things in life.

So don't be like I was. Don't be jealous. Realize that many things aren't completely out of your reach-you'd just have to chose to sacrifice to obtain them. Is it worth the sacrifice? If so, get to work! If not, then just be simply happy for your friend. Actually, whether you're chasing a dream yourself or not, be happy for your friends' realized dreams and respect the sacrifice it took for them to succeed. Oh, and celebrate with them! Who doesn't love a party, right? ;)

Give a shout out - What big goal or dream have you realized?

Your Sister

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