Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to Name a Dog

I'll be honest. The whole reason for this post is because I wanted to share a picture of my new puppy. Even if the naming advice is bad, at least you got to see something cute out of the deal!

Meet Luther, the newest addition to my family.

My older dog's name is Sadie. Like every other dog on the block.

Well, okay, not really. On our street, the popular dog name is Bailey. But it seems like dog names get recycled an awful lot, and I wanted this dog to have one that was more unique. But how to come up with a good, unique dog name?

There are probably lots of good ways. Favorite TV show, book, or historical characters, to name a few. (I'd love to name a dog Gutenberg...) But that's not exactly how Luther got his name.

A few years ago, shortly after Thanksgiving, I was at the vet when another family brought in a kitten. The kitten was adorable, but so was his name. Now, I don't specifically remember it anymore, but I do remember that it was a popular Thanksgiving food. (Gravy? Butterball? Not sure...) The cat was named that way because of the time of the year he'd been found and taken in by the family - right at Thanksgiving.

So, when it came time to name the newest member of my family, my mind went to the holidays. Thanksgiving isn't far off, but no foods associated with the celebration seemed fitting. I'm not into Halloween, so that kind of name was out, too. But, October 31st is also Reformation Day, which brought up the names Martin and Luther. So, yes, it's one part holiday-related and one part historical-figure-related.

It seems to fit the dog that there's also a certain villain who shares the same name since he goes from cuddly and napping to chewing and biting pretty quickly.

What names do you like for pets you may get in the future? How'd you come up with them?

Your Sister

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