Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Invisible Network

After I shared my testimony with a small group at my church, one of the church elders who was there said he remembered driving me to one of the children's programs when I was young. He said he'd never forget that once, when I came out of the house on a day when we were supposed to wear costumes, my hair was alll poofed up... Must've been a lot of poof, because probably 25 years have passed since then, and he still remembers it and says he's enjoyed seeing what I've grown into. Here, I had no idea I meant anything to him one way or the other!

So I got to thinking. There are people I notice and care about that I don't say much to. I pray for them from a distance. I wonder how they are, even some people I haven't seen in years. And people do it for me, too. Do you have someone like that, too? I'm betting you do. And I'm betting you're that person someone else cares about, too.

I suppose we could debate the importance of letting someone know we're thinking of them or praying for them, but that's not really my point. My point today is that you're cared for and loved in ways you don't even know. You're important to this world and to individuals in it. We're an invisible network for each other. Sometimes, we get glimpses of it, but often, we don't.

Now, I didn't plan to include this next part, but...

Even if you think you've managed to slide under the radar of all the people in the world, know that Christ loves and cares for you. The best part about this is that His love for you is as visible as can be in Creation and in his Word. He is not silent or distant.

To those who believe in Him, He promises in Matthew 28:20 that He is "with you always, to the end of the age."

If you don't have a relationship with Christ, where does that leave you?

2 Peter 3:9 tells us that God doesn't want anyone to perish, but wants us all to come to repentance. All of us. Near the very end of the Bible, Revelation 22:17 invites all of us to "come." Experience the one relationship that'll never let you down.

If you haven't done that, here's a good place to start.

You're not alone.

Your Sister

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