Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Survive a Small House: Kitchen Edition

I live in a 460 square foot house, and it has its advantages, but space isn't one of them.

If you have a small house, chances are, your kitchen is small, too. Here are some of the ways I make it work:

1. Shelves inside of cabinets! Our cabinets were pretty much the cheapest ones we could find. They didn't have shelves inside. All the room at the top of the cabinets was wasted. So, I bought a little set of kitchen racks and use them as shelves. Cheap and easy!

For some areas where I needed taller or sturdier shelves, I enlisted my husband to build in a couple extra shelves without too much work, but even if you can only add a couple extra racks, it makes a big difference.
2. Make big meals. No picture go to along with this one, but in a little kitchen, dishes add up quickly. My strategy? Do a bunch of cooking in one day. If you make a big mess with lots of dishes all in one big day, you can do the dishes in one shot then eat leftovers for days with no more pots and pans to wash. Hey, no one said I was a good homemaker. If you want to wash pots and pans every day, be my guest. :)

3. Flaunt it if you've got it. Don't be ashamed of open storage. I saved a bunch of space inside my cabinets by screwing mug hooks into the bottom of the upper cabinets and storing my mugs there. Plus, this way I get compliments on my mug collection. Come on, who doesn't love a compliment? :)

 I don't get compliments on my collection of rice and flour on the shelves in the corner there, but that microwave used to sit right on the counter, and all the space above it? Wasted. This way, I can store a bunch more stuff right where I use it most. By the way, those are cheap, run of the mill particle board shelves. Nothing fancy, but I felt like I had a whole new kitchen the day I put them in.

Here's a little more out-in-the-open storage. That cast iron skillet lives on the stove top, as do those spoons/spatulas. And that apron is always hanging from the pantry door. Works for me.

4. Use space on the inside of cabinet doors. I have a little spice rack attached to the inside of my pantry door and a place to hang damp rags on the inside of the door to the cabinet below the sink. These help keep things tidy and organized.

Do you have a small kitchen? How do you cope?

Your Sister

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