Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Survive a Small House: Bathroom Edition

My bathroom is so small, it doesn't have room for a standard-size tub. Stores sell shower stalls this size, but no tubs, which actually became a bit of a challenge when we wanted to replace not the tub, but the surround on top. We had to find a shower stall set that was sold in two pieces and then only buy the top. That's how you know your bathroom is small :)

Since the room's so small, I only have a couple tips, but I like to think they're good ones.

1. Mount two shower rods within inches of each other. Use the one on the inside for the shower curtain and the one on the outside for your towels.

2. Store your cleaning supplies tucked away behind the toilet in the space below the tank. If the space is tight enough, people can't really see down there, anyway, and your products will always be close at hand, eliminating one more excuse when it comes time to clean (coming from someone for whom one excuse is usually enough...).

What tricks do you have for making do with a tiny bathroom?

Your Sister

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