Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad Guys and Pizza

I came across the phrase "bad guy" recently in a work of fiction where the bad guy was chasing a teenage girl. A seriously bad guy, right?

But I found myself thinking of sausage.

Wait. What? That's not how that term is supposed to work, but it turns out my sister thinks the same way.

When we were kids and didn't like sausage on our pizza, my dad used to call the little chunks of meat "bad guys" as he picked them off our slices of pizza and piled them onto his own. Ha. My dad eats bad guys for dinner. Look out!

This has me thinking about how misunderstandings can happen. When someone's reaction to what we've said doesn't make sense, it might be time to ask more questions. Maybe their background gives them a completely different take on the situation than yours gives you. A simple phrase or action may pack hidden meaning for them (or you) that the other person would've never considered because they have a different background.

On the other hand, this whole bad guy/sausage thing has me grateful to find out someone else thinks the same way I do. I suppose that's part of what makes family special. And those close friends we've fostered for years. Sometimes it's also easy to let misunderstandings deteriorate those long-term relationships, too, but those shared connections and that simple shared language and experience makes them worth saving.

Is there a simple phrase that makes you think of something off the wall because of an experience you've shared with someone? Hm. Even the phrase "off the wall" carries connotations for me, but that's another story...

Your Sister

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