Friday, September 12, 2014

My Dog's Biggest Fears

She's a brindle pit bull mix we rescued from the shelter. A beautiful dog that people are sometimes cautious around because of her breed. She's about sixty pounds, she's fit, and she's active.

And if your smoke detector starts to beep, she'll be shivering, whining, and trying to take cover between your legs.

In fact, if a truck with the right frequency backs up anywhere within a one block range while she's outside, she will be at the back door barking with urgency to get in.

Oh, and the noise of the scale on Biggest Loser? You know, that beeping while they tease you about the contestant's weight? Did it go up? Did it go down? You may never know because by the time they display the weight, the symptoms of my dog's nervous breakdown will have torn your attention from the screen.

She also cries on car rides longer than about four minutes (unless you constantly pet her or have taken a couple hours to exercise her to the point of exhaustion). 

As I was helping her escape the terrors of the vacuum cleaner today, it occurred to me how silly her fears are. And then, quickly, it occurred to me to wonder how my fears look to God.

Things like change and time passing and death. These are big fears for me. But they're part of God's plan. He's in control of those things, just like I'm in control of the vacuum cleaner. Just like I purposely installed the fire detectors, God purposely created time and set humans within it.

We're told again and again in the Bible to not fear. Maybe it's time we listen and trust the God who promises to be with us. The God who created everything. The God who's in control.

What are your biggest fears? What Bible verses could you use to combat those fears?

Your Sister

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