Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Loving the Rainy Day

Good memories last a lot longer than wet clothes do! Though it's a rainy day, and I'm taking full advantage of it. I had plans to go for a hike with a friend, but we had to modify that to a session at the Y instead of on the trial. (I don't mind the idea of getting wet, but there's a chance of thunder, and the trail went out on a walkway that extended far over a lake, so probably not a good place to be if lightening is in the forecast.) Still, I'm glad we got together. I've also done a little work at church today and spent a couple hours in a coffee shop with my sister. The hems of my jeans are still wet from all the trips through parking lots, but I'm glad I got out and did things that matter to me.

Last weekend, I got to visit the camp I used to go to for one week every summer from about second grade until I graduated high school. Walking by those cabins, dirt roads, and other landmarks took me right back. As I hiked across the ball field, I remembered the obstacle course that lay off in the woods, just beyond what I could see. One year, my counselor and I had made plans to do the obstacle course, and then it poured. She and I went anyway, and the trip was full of laughter. Over fifteen years later, I still remember it.

The picture at the top of this post is another example of a gem I found because of rain. Shortly after I got my camera, as I was walking into my house after some rain, I noticed that tulip still sitting with all those raindrops on its petals.

All this to say that if it's rainy where you are, take full advantage of it. Start a rainy day tradition or make a special memory. Whatever you do, don't let the rain (or snow or heat or cold or sun or wind
) ruin your day!

How do you celebrate the rainy days?

Your Sister

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