Monday, September 22, 2014

Catching Time that Flies

Last week, I was asked to tally up how much time I spent working on a fairly big project. The project has been going on, to one degree or another, since March. That's six months of work, and it's not like I've been taking notes about the time I invested along the way.

I turned in my best guess on the project, but this request has gotten me thinking... Over the course of six months, six years, or six days, how well do we really keep track of where our time goes? Do we really understand how much time we spend working vs. playing, studying vs. watching TV, communicating vs. immersing ourselves in impersonal social media?

I, personally, think I might be wasting a lot more time than I realize, so I'm going to start keeping better track of myself. I put a notebook next to my computer. This week, I'm going to take note of what I'm doing and how long I spend doing it. Once I see it in writing, I'm hoping I can look back and congratulate myself on some areas. Of course, I'm also expecting to decide some other areas need to improve.

Actually, I'm hoping the accountability of having to write it down will help rein me in before it gets to that point, but, if it doesn't, there's always the chance to do better after I look back and notice a bad habit.

How do you keep yourself focused on the things that are important to you?

Your Sister

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