Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank You, Airshow

Thanks to a huge airplane event in my hometown, I got to thinking about how lucky blessed I am to live in a place and time of peace. See, the event draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors and TONS of airplanes. Even for those of us who don't visit the convention, the airshows are impossible to escape if you're in town. Planes loop and whirl overhead all week.

The visiting military planes really got me thinking. As they ripped across the sky, scaring dogs throughout the city and drawing neighbors to the sidewalks to gawk, I thought about how glad I am that those planes aren't attacking my home. It's a little scary just having them tear overhead. They are so. loud. So intimidating. Even if you step out to watch them, they can be hard to spot, sometimes, because sound doesn't keep up with them. They can be waaaay ahead of where they sound like they should be. And some people live their lives in fear of sounds like those - military planes, things tearing through the air. 

The few times American soil has been attacked have left deep gouges in our national conscience. My heart goes out to our soldiers who live under those noises and the threats that kind of technology bring with it. I have even greater respect for their hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. But I'm also thinking about the civilians who live in war-ravaged areas. If even a little noise overhead upset my peace of mind, I can't imagine what a real war would be like.

All this to say, again, that I am so grateful for the peace I enjoy. I'm grateful to God for it, and to our troops, and you know, I'm even grateful to the airshow for helping me better appreciate it. Once in a while, I think we could all use a nudge toward gratitude for those elements of our lives we take for granted.

What's made you feel blessed lately?

Your Sister

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