Saturday, August 9, 2014

How to: Messy French Twist

Browsing Pinterest, I saw a link for messy French twists. When I followed the link, though, the directions (despite being pictures) seemed impossible - especially if one tried to perform the trick on one's own hair. Boo! So, here's my take. My pictures, done by me on my cell phone while styling my hair aren't as pretty as the other directions, I saw, but they make up for it by being possible! Once you get the hang of it, it takes about two minutes. As proof, here's how my third or fourth try turned out:

Raw materials:
You'll need something with which to pin your hair. You could probably employ an army of bobby pins, but personally, I find no pins better than those big, spiral ones. I took a picture of three (two big and one small), but I only used the two big ones. They can be a bit tricky to use, so if you're not familiar with them, try twisting your hair up and pinning it with these before you add the challenge of aiming for a specific look. I'll add some tips when it comes to that part of the directions....

And, of course, a brushed head of hair. Mine's pretty thick, sorta wavy, and fairly long, so you should be able to do this, even if you have a lot of hair!

And now, the process:

 Begin by gathering your hair like you're going to whip it up in a ponytail.

Twist the would-be ponytail in a line straight down the middle of the back of your head. Tighten as you go so the hair on the sides of your head stays pulled back smoothly. Working down your head, you can tuck loose pieces into the twist. This, of course, takes both hands. I had to stop to take pictures. Don't try to accomplish it with one hand ;)
 After a few tries, I learned that I could basically keep twisting and not end up with left over hair at the bottom. However, that took a few tries to master. It's how I achieved the smooth look of the twist I pictured at the top of this post. If you have leftover at the bottom, you'll have to tuck it up under the twist (pictures to follow), and you'll end up with a messier twist than that first picture. It'll look like the pictures to follow. Unless you're better at this than me, which you very well could be :) As you can see in the pic, I've got some left over hair that needs to be handled.
 It's a little blurry, but what I'm doing is folding those loose ends up and then I'm tucking them under the twist to hide them. This kinda pulls the twist off kilter a bit, and ends in a bumpier final result... but, hey, I did title this Messy French Twist, did I not?

 Whether you managed to twist it all in one go or whether you had to tuck the ends up and under the twist, you'll then need to secure the twist with your pins. Best of luck if you're using bobby pins. If you went for the spiral pins, take one to the bottom of the twist. Twist it into your hair at the outer edge of the French Twist, making sure the spiral pin goes in along your scalp and through as much of the hair at the edge of the twist as possible. In the pic, I've got the spiral pin positioned at the bottom of the French twist, ready to be worked into the hairdo. Follow with a second spiral pin from the top. That's all it took for my hair. If you're going to be active and don't want this to fall out, consider pinning even more for good measure. Mine did begin to fall out after I jogged across a street while walking my dog.

So, here it is, the messy French twist!

Oh, and the added bonus? When you let your hair down, it'll be transformed! Remember how mine looked in the "raw materials" photo? Well, here it is now, smooth around my face and curled in back all by the French twist!

Your Sister

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