Thursday, August 7, 2014

Guacamole's Dirty Little Secret

Everyone at work used to love one of my co-worker's guacamole. They'd get so excited when he brought it, and, yeah, it was good. Coming from a family where guacamole wasn't made (or even purchased), I added the excitement at work to the yummy green concoction and concluded that it's hard to make. Otherwise, why would everyone be so excited?


A few years later, I've discovered guacamole's dirty little secret. It's easy to make! I made this recipe for a family get together and, lo and behold, my first batch of guacamole got rave reviews, too! Was this a fluke? No. I'm snacking an a recent batch as I type, so the success can be recreated.

If you're venturing into guac for the first time, here are some of my tips:
1. Taste and adjust the recipe accordingly. This stuff doesn't have to bake or rise or any of that. It just has to taste good. If that means adding more lime juice or extra onion and garlic, go for it!
2. Try it with veggies. I like it with carrots. And lime-flavored tortilla chips...
3. Using plenty of lime juice will help it keep from turning brown on you the day of the party, but if you're keeping left overs for a couple days, put them in a container, cover with plastic wrap, and press the plastic wrap down so it touches the guacamole without leaving any air against the stuff. I made the batch I'm snacking on now 2 nights ago, and using this strategy, it's still a cheerful lime green.
Air + guacamole = brownness.


Your Sister

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