Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Little House

I guess there's a series on Netflix that's basically about my life. Ha. Not quite. But I've heard of a show about people who live in tiny houses, and that does describe me. Life here, in 460 square feet, is sometimes stressful. Like when we lived around the mess as we put in new flooring. But I wouldn't trade my house for a bigger one. At least, not at this point in my life.

Our tiny house is one big reason my husband and I can afford for me to stay home and pursue a writing career. Admittedly, I could spend more time cleaning my small space, but just imagine how much worse I'd be at keeping a bigger house clean! Along those same lines, we recently had to do a big repair because a board along the back of the house had rotted. I can't imagine what that would've taken were our house any larger. As it is, it took one day, a couple car jacks, and about $200.

Sometimes, the space is challenging, in that to have company usually means waiting for a nice day so guests can socialize on the patio. Another issue is that I cannot collect too much stuff. I have to pick what I love and get rid of the rest. But you know what? I like an excuse to be outside with company, and prized possessions are loved and appreciated that much more when they're not cluttered with years of accumulated odds and ends.

If you're looking at buying or renting a new space, my advice is to take a hard look at what you really, really need. Life is a big adventure. Your house doesn't have to be.

Your Sister

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