Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thoughts on Making a Photo Wall

From Pinterest, I learned that grouping photos on the wall wasn't an exact science. There are lots of different ways to do it. Some people use all the same color frame to bring unity. Some people don't. Some people mix in other items with their photos. Some people don't. Some people arrange photos from floor to ceiling and.... You get the idea.

The one tip I picked up from the pictures I saw was that I needed to have some kind of order to the pictures. Since the ceiling of the wall I had chosen is slanted, I chose to have the edges of the frames (basically) make a straight line up each side and across the bottoms. Here's the result:

I'm pretty happy with it. The one trick was that many of the smaller frames were not made to hang on the wall. They had these velvet-covered flaps for standing on tabletops. The flaps kept the photos from hanging nice and straight on the walls, even on the ones that had a hook in addition to a flap. So! I pulled/cut the flaps off.

Some, like the frame on the left, had a metal hinge holding on the flap that was not secured all the way through the part of the frame that touches the back of the photo to hold it in place. These, I simply pulled off.

The frame on the right took more effort. I had to (carefully!!!) cut around the hinge and completely remove that part of the back of the frame. No one will see the back, so I don't care that it has a hole in it. It lays flat when hanging now!

Unfortunately, even with the flap removed, the frame had no hook or edge that I could use to hang it on the wall. I tied fishing string in a circle, looped it around two of the levers that hold the back of the frame in place, and voila!

That's what I learned making my photo wall. Have you made one? Any tips?

Your Sister

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