Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jesus and Cupcakes

Today's blog post comes from a friend of mine whose heart for God and missions is leading her to Argentina this summer and then on to Bible college in the fall. She and I have baked together a couple times, and I've enjoyed her sincerity. I think you will, too, so without further ado here's a note she wrote to you:

Okay girls, so I've never been much of a could even ask Emily yourself. I'm amazed at her ability to toss "this" or "that" into the mixing bowl without following exact instructions on the back of the box of cake batter. Because most of the things I've attempted to bake have turned out to be disasters, both to the eye and to the mouth, I leave no room for any ingredients that are against the suggestions. So that got me thinking about my life and how as a Christian young woman I have failed endlessly by comparing myself to others and trying to be this quiet and quaint, prayerful young lady who has every little thing in order. Don't get me wrong, I know that God's Word does ask of us ladies to be quieter in spirit and to be warriors of prayer, I'm just using those two things as an example because along with baking, those are two other things I definitely fail at over and over gain. I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that God uses our ingredients - the special ingredients that make us unique but that might not be in the recipe for the perfect stereotypical Christian - to make something bigger and better for his purpose. Although my ingredients of who the Lord has made me don't always follow the world's or even the church's suggested guidelines, I am still somehow a masterpiece, and fully functioning by the grace of God. A relationship with Jesus transforms our dashes of self-doubt, our hints of worry, our heaps of mistakes, and our cups and cups of tears into the sweetest plan we could ever hope for.

Your Sister

P.S. If you want to know what to add to a cake mix that can make it extra-rich, check this blog. I haven't tried the Boston cream pie part, but adding an egg or two and subbing in butter and milk as suggested on the top of their post works fabulously.

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