Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fixer Upper

I'm updating a couple things in my house. Back when we bought and first remodeled this house ten years ago, I did some of the work myself, including mudding the drywall and hanging the glue-on shower surround. I also helped with spackling the walls and did most of the painting. At the time, I was really proud of myself for taking on some of the work (shower surround and mudding, particularly), but let's just say it's been a long ten years.

When we first started our projects this time, I felt like I needed my husband to get things started and to do a lot of the "hard" work. What a wimp I've become! Little by little, though, I got impatient with his pace and started taking on more work myself. (He's NOT lazy. He works full time, and I stay home, so I have a lot more time at my disposal.) I've pulled nails, used an electric sander, applied leveler to the floor, and laid a section of vinyl "wood" planks that look pretty good if I do say so myself (just don't ask how long laying it in/around the closet took). And really, none of it was as hard as I made it out to be.

All this to say: Don't underestimate what you're capable of!

What home improvement projects have you tackled?

Your Sister

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