Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebate or Cower

At the end of things, especially at the end of a year or just before leaving on a trip, I can get pretty insecure. Somehow, the old year seems so much safer than the new one, and the odds of dying on a trip so much higher than the odds of dying at home. Not to be a pessimist about it, but bad things can happen at any given time, whether at home or away, today or ten years in the future. I might as well be happy and live my life anyway. After all, like I was saying on Monday, I believe God's in control no matter where (or when) I am. Also, without changes of time and travel and jobs and even relationships, we'd rot in stagnancy. I want to be a novelist, but to do that, I need to have experience to write from. I want to have an active, healthy mind into old age, and before I get there, world certainly will change and change, and to keep up, I must embrace the new.

Look at the lives of people in the Bible. Look at the lives of people you admire today. Their childhoods are very different from their adulthoods. If they live into old age, those years are different than anything before. Times change. Experience deepens our sense of who God is, who are friends are, and who we ourselves are.

Join me in celebrating rather than cowering before the adventures that await!

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