Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Small Act of Bravery

I've been working on a particular novel for a couple years now. I recently joined a critique group, but I've been hesitant to submit my chapter for the others to read and critique. It's been years since I've opened myself up to feedback from people I both don't know (except people judging contests). I've forgotten how nerve-wracking it can be! I like my book, it reflects on me, and if it were to be torn apart or hated, it would be hard to not take it personally.

While I was procrastinating, I took care of our banking (among other things), and while I was banking, I found the card on which I had written out my goals for 2014. Among them, I saw the goal of making the novel agent-ready, but another one stuck out a little more: Be brave!

Finally, I worked my way around to sending out my chapter. I'm glad I did because now that it's out there, I'm thinking more and more about the positives and less about the fear of rejection that almost stopped me in the first place. Realistically, if I want to get better (and I do!), I had to send the chapter out to be critiqued, but also, it's nice to be part of the community of the group, and I know it's going to get easier as I go. I'm really looking forward the the relationships that will build.

This is your invitation to be brave, too! What have you been putting off that you can do today?

Your Sister

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