Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend Fun: Does that Listerine Foot Soak Really Work?

I'm a Pinterest junkie. I love scrolling through the "Everything" search, and I confess I probably do it at least once a day. Let's say I do it to take a break and let my subconscious process an idea I'm working on for my novel...

Anyway, I've come across several posts about a foot soak that you can use to get rid of dead skin. The star ingredient? Listerine. The recipe is simple: one part Listerine, one part vinegar, two parts water. The promise? Soak for ten minutes and the dead skin/callouses on your foot will come right off.

The original directions only made a cup of solution. I don't think my feet are unusually large, but I figured there was no way one cup was going to cover my foot, so I sort of eyeballed it and poured in approximate amounts until the bucket looked to have the right amount in it. I've never been a big fan of exact measurements anyway.

Though I used warm water and room temp Listerine and vinegar, this is a cooling mixture because of the Listerine. Even now, at least half an hour after taking my second foot out, my feet are cold under my shoes and inside my wool socks. Also, my house smells like mint.

While soaking one foot, I took the polish off the other. Then I switched and got to work on removing callouses. Yes, everyone, the soak works to soften everything up for easy removal! It's not like it'll just rub off with a washcloth (I don't want to know what sort of nasty stuff you'd have to apply to your foot to have that happen), but whatever you use to remove your callouses should work beautifully after using this soak. However, your foot will be blue because of the mouthwash.

Ha, didn't expect that, did you? Good news is, once you're done with the soak, just wash your feet with soap and water, and that'll go away. Your feet will feel soft and cool and callous free!

Your Sister

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