Monday, April 7, 2014

It's True Love!

I was watching TV last night and watching as the characters lived by the idea that "true love is the strongest magic of all." At any cost. The ultimate, star couple of the show are separated by events they can't control, and the man gets married to someone else. But their true love for each other draws this star couple back together, and they have an affair because the man just doesn't feel in his marriage what he feels with this woman who is his true love from long ago. I've had a talk with my TV about this ("Aw, come on! You can't do that!"). It didn't listen, so here I am, writing to you.

The truth about love is it's not all about feelings. Romantic love may start that way, but it will only hold together when the people involved cling to their commitments and vows when their emotions have run the opposite direction. True love is when a woman puts distance between herself and a male friend who is not her husband because she feels her loyalties changing. True love is when a man supports a scary decision to move away from his job and friends so his wife can be closer to family. True love is when a couple battles through the aftermath of an affair and sticks it out. The kind of love that we all long for is the true love where someone will choose us over and over again despite the worst about us. There will be times when one partner is the other's hero for that kind of choice. How amazing to be the one who is forgiven and rescued, but how difficult to be the one who is faithful regardless of cost and personal feelings.

This kind of love is only found displayed perfectly in Jesus Christ. We were his enemies, yet he died for us on the cross. What a comparatively little thing are we doing when we ignore our wayward feelings to forgive and love and choose our own spouses?

Your Sister

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