Saturday, April 19, 2014

Are Our Bodies Really Our Own?

Today, I was thinking about the idea that our bodies are our own to do with as we please. This belief underlies so many of the hot topics debated between the Christian community and the world in general, ranging from abortion, premarital sex, homosexuality, drug use, drinking, and so on all the way to less hot topics like overeating. Christians struggle with these sins, too, of course, and I don't mean to suggest that I'm any better. I do struggle against these sins in my own life, though, because as a Christian, I believe my body and my life are not mine to control. Here's an analogy.

I did not pave the streets in my city. I use them daily and some of my taxes may have even partially funded them, but I did not decide they were needed, contract the labor, or design them. I certainly didn't help construct them. So, despite my proximity to them and their necessity to me, they are not mine. Because they are not mine, I am required to follow the law. I cannot get together with my neighbor, even if we are the only two living on my street, and decide that a one way street should be a two way street. It's not up to us. The final say is with the government. Likewise, if I drive 35 miles an hour on the street when it's marked at 30, a police officer would be fully in his rightful power to ticket me - even if I didn't read the speed limit sign. The laws are not relative. They exist and are the authority, whether I acknowledge them or not.

As a Christian, I believe this same principle applies to every area of my life. I did not create my life or my body. I use them daily, but they are not mine. Because they are not mine, I am required to follow the rules of the God who created them. For example, if God says that sex is to be between a man and a woman inside the bounds of marriage and that a husband and wife relationship is like the relationship between Jesus and his church, it's my job to honor that. There is no Biblical basis for saying, "It's my body, I have a right to do what I want with it." Quite the opposite, in fact (1 Corinthians 6:19). God is fully in his rightful power to have a say over my sexuality, as well as over everything else I say, do, and think.

Because I have a terrible habit of disobeying (sinning), and the Bible says that whoever obeys all the laws but for one sin is guilty of all sin (James 2:10), I am no better than anyone else. I'm guilty of all sin! So God, who created me, is fully in his rightful power to condemn me.

Thank you, God, for not leaving me there, condemned. Because it's His law, He has the right to say that Jesus is the only solution. We're just lumps of clay who have no rights before a holy God (Romans 9:20). This weekend, we celebrate Easter and the raising of Jesus from the dead, sealing our salvation! Praise God for this salvation from the death sentence I earned! He didn't have to create me in the first place. He didn't have to save me from myself. But, He offered me and all of humanity a solution.

Happy Easter!

Your Sister

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