Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I Mean When I Say I'm a Full Time Writer

I've been asked a few times recently what being a full time writer will entail. I'm sure it's a little different for every writer, but here are some of the ways I intend to stay busy and productive:
  • Building my online presence. This will mean getting better about posting here, on the blog, as well as on my author page on Facebook. The more "likes" and followers I have, the more attractive I will be to potential publishers. A simple way to support a new writer is to engage with them online - click "like," post about their new book, and/or leave a positive comment.
  • Reading. I'm embarrassed at how little I've been reading. For a writer, reading broadens the possibilities of what we can do in our own fiction. It's a great way to learn from the best.
  • Studying. This includes more reading; being who they are, writers create a lot of great books on writing. Also, I will attend the occasional writer's conference for instruction and networking.
  • Critiquing. Helping other writers and finding some good advice on my own work will take my manuscript to the next level. And, it's another great way to get to know writers who are in the same boat as me.
  • Writing. Yup, eventually, it's time to put aside all the rest and get down to the real meat of a writing career: putting words on paper.
  • Entering contests. Wins can be a great way to get your name out there or to have some "writing credentials." Oh, and some of them actually pay. But also, judges offer feedback on manuscripts, helping contestants to become better at their craft. Lastly, some contests have agents and editors as judges, so it's possible to get some great exposure if your piece is good.

Down the line, once I have a manuscript ready to go, I plan to go the traditional route to finding publication. This will likely entail finding an agent, doing more revisions, and then finding an editor (and then doing even more revisions!).

Easy as pie, right? :)

What's your dream job? What steps does it take to develop it into a career?

Your Sister

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