Saturday, June 15, 2013


I was perusing Facebook this morning, and I came across a picture of drooping peonies. The person who posted it added a status that struck me as being... poetic? Here it is: A season is short for peonies. Sadly.

That's dangerously close to being a haiku and the alliteration (the repeating s sound) caught my attention. The last haiku I wrote that I remember went like this:
Bald man on the beach.
Do you think his head will burn?

When I looked up haiku this morning, I found a site that explained it should be five syllables, seven, and then five, so I played around with my friend's status until I came up with:
A season is short,
for peonies soon lower
their beautiful heads.

Then, of course, I had to go take a picture of my own, drooping, just-rained-on peonies...

Now it's your turn. If you need a refresher on haiku, here's a site that'll point you in the right direction.

Ready, set, write!

Your Sister

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