Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If I Had Known I Was Dreaming at the Time...

My brother posted online about a dream the other day, and how, in the dream, he was falling, but instead of dying, he bounced off the ground. I responded that flying would've been easier. His reply? If I had known I was dreaming at the time, I would've done a lot of things different.

That strikes me as profound. There's something about hindsight that opens our eyes to not only the possible solutions to our problems but also to how good we really had it despite those problems. In hindsight, we can see opportunities we missed, and we can also see how lucky were at a time when we felt like we were falling.

Take it a step farther. I think I was in middle school when I had a nightmare about... well, okay, it was about a giant gerbil, against which my defense was a butter knife, which must've proved ineffective as the next thing I remember is that I was running down the street to get away. And as I was running, I became aware that I was dreaming. Don't ask me how. But I knew that if I could just open my eyes, the dream would end and I would be safe. It wasn't easy, but I opened my eyes and woke to safety. Sometime later, I flew in a dream to get away from some kind of bad guy. Since, there have been several occasions where I've found myself in trouble in dreams and distinctly thought, "This is a dream. I can fly." And I made it safely away. Hence my advice to my brother that he just fly next time he finds himself falling. I figured that since he was able to bounce, he had some sort of control in his dreams the way I do. But his reply makes me think he might not.

Like in my dreams, I think the key to not "falling" in life - to not succumbing to the snowball effect of bad situations or choices - is to keep things in perspective. In dreams, I can tell myself it's a dream, and that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. In life, I think it's important to remember how temporary everything is, how great God is, and how, very often, it's only our mind that stands between us and happiness.


Your Sister

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