Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thoughts on Change

Some people claim to love change. Other people are rocked by it. What makes the difference?

Having gone through some changes myself this year, I'm coming to the conclusion that there are three key things people who enjoy change think about differently:

The past. Romanticizing the past makes it harder to leave behind. Enjoy memories, but don't cross the line to pining after going back. Mmm. Just thought of this: You can also be at the other end of the spectrum by villianizing the past. Sure, learn from your mistakes, but pining to go back to fix things will get you nowhere.

The present. Change is constant; every single day is different than the last. Each day offers new possibilities based on the foundation of each day's yesterdays.

The future. To get there, things have to change, don't they? In the midst of change, it's easy to feel scared or sad. When you go through a big change, the present is so different than the past, and that can make the future seem more uncertain than it would if today felt more like yesterday. But even when the future seems certain, it isn't. An accident can change everything. Or a job loss. Or a natural disaster. The trick is to remember how exciting the future can be. Do you have dreams? Things are going to have to change in order for you to achieve them aren't they? If they don't have to change, you need to dream bigger :)

Me? Well, I'm a dreamer, and I do not want a little thing like change to stand in my way! ;)

How do you cope with change?

Your Sister

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