Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks for Grocery Stores!

I saw the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie (or part of it, anyway) while I was at the gym. The characters were on the Mayflower, crossing the Atlantic, and it struck me that it must've taken boatloads of faith for the Pilgrims. I don't know much of the history at all, but I do know they crossed the ocean in a boat. I know there was sickness and doubt. Can you imagine weeks of sitting on a boat, watching people's lives ebb away while wondering if they would ever see this land they had heard of? Should they turn back? How do you keep up faith when there's no hope in sight day after day after day?

Of course, the Mayflower did make it, but the hardships weren't over. The surviving Pilgrims still had significant trials to endure, yet they are the ones to whom we owe this Thanksgiving holiday. Despite everything, they took time to say thank you to God.

What have we done with this holiday?

The sermon at my church on Sunday was about Thanksgiving, too, and though I don't remember the historical quotes or the Scripture references (though both were involved...), I do still feel the sense that we're missing the whole point. How can we use this as an excuse to go out shopping? Could it be that we've forgotten how much we have to be thankful for?

The Pilgrims had so little, had come through so much, yet they gathered to thank God for the abundance of his blessings. Imagine! We have grocery stores and cars and health care and... roads and airplanes... Oh, we have so much, but we seem to be more focused on shopping. Shopping! What would the Pilgrims think of that?

Sure, I like a trip to the mall. I might even hit a store or two this weekend, but... Please, let's not forget what our focus needs to be. Let's not forget that we are truly, deeply, unbelievably blessed. Let's not forget to stop and truly give thanks.

What are you thankful for?

Your Sister

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