Wednesday, November 21, 2012

He's Not a Jerk - It's His First Day At Work

I'm not entirely sure why they showed it, but once when I went on a mission trip, the organization would play these silly videos about a guy named Gary and all the things that went wrong on his first day at his new job. I still remember part of the theme song: He's not a jerk; it's his first day at work. He's Ga-a-a-ary.

Funny how a song like that can suddenly spring to mind years later. As I've been going through my first days at a new job, I've realized that maybe there's more truth to that whole idea about people needing extra slack their first few days with a new employer.

I guess it's not that more things go wrong, but, rather, that when something goes wrong, the people around you might not know how to take it because they don't have other experience with you. They don't know your normal, so it's easier to mistake your mistakes for your habits.

Unfortunately (or maybe it's fortunate...?), my whole department is new. As the days have passed, I've come to realize that I need that extra bit of good faith, and I need to extend that to my new team. If you're starting out somewhere, first forgive your own mistakes. Then, make sure you overlook other people's. We're all in this together. We're not jerks. It's just our first few days at work. :)


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