Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Workplace Fun: (metaphorically) Lighting People on Fire

Metaphorically, of course. Since we live in a world where you can't trust anything to go without saying: DO NOT LIGHT PEOPLE ON FIRE LITERALLY!!!

Yesterday, my manager told me that sometimes to get noticed, you have to light yourself on fire. Funny, but, really, true. UNLESS. In my case, I think other people held the lighter.

I started off very quiet and reserved. I was not going to be the one to take a match to my skills, so they were hidden in the dark until someone else started campaigning to get me involved with a project that was both very visible and right up my alley. Once I nailed that project, others followed, and, voila! A career is born.

For all the people like me out there, if you see an opportunity to light up someone's talents, do it! Drag them into the spotlight so they can shine! Be the one who makes the world a better place! In high school, it may mean talking up someone's sense of humor so your friends start to want to get to know her better. At work, it may mean recommending someone for a project or a promotion or even just giving credit where it's due. Did someone help you with something that you're getting compliments on? Tell people! It helps them and glorifies God and lets you shine, too. After all, people love to be praised and if you're the one doing the praising, that makes you very attractive to others.

Your Sister

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