Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Super-Easy DIY Fingerless Gloves (AKA Splint Covers)

Initially, I titled this post "How the Cool Kids Accessorize a Wrist Splint," but then, I realized ANYONE might want a fingerless glove on the cheap and easy. Boy, have I got the ticket for you!

It just so happens that I figured this out and started using it because I'm in a wrist splint and want to cover it up. See, it all started when, after breaking my wrist and having surgery, I chose purple material for my splint. Don't get me wrong: I like purple. But I'm pretty fashion-conscious, and anyone who is can tell you that, unfortunately, purple doesn't go with everything. So I needed to cover it up. Besides, if you've ever broken anything, you know the question you get sick of well before the break is healed: What'd you do??? If you can make your splint or cast look semi-normal, people aren't as likely to ask, so you get fewer questions.

So, without further ado, here's how to make a fingerless glove from a sock:
1. Buy a nice pair of boot socks that would go up to the knee.
2. Start opposite the stitching at the toe, and cut open the end of the sock, stopping at the stitching.
3. Cut a slit at the heel, so you have about a total of an inch-long hole.
4. Cut a second slit about two inches further from the toe.
5. Now, if you've cut a loosely knit sock, you may need to loosely stitch around the cut you made in step 4 to keep it from unravelling. The other cuts won't be visible, so stitching them isn't as important. Read on for a different way to cut loosely knit socks while avoiding needing to stitch.

Your glove is made! Now, to put it on.
1. Turn your glove inside out and put your hand through to hole you made in the toes.
2. Your thumb goes through the hole in the heel.
3. Put on your splint, if that applies to you.


4. Fold the sock back down your hand so the part that shows is now the proper outside of the sock and your thumb goes through that hole you made in step 4 above.


5. If you did choose a nice, long boot sock, you can fold the end back up again.

If you have more of a knit sock that has a tighter weave on what would be the bottom of the foot, here's one alternative way to make your glove that won't be as likely to unravel on you:
1. Follow steps 1-3 from how to make a fingerless glove from a sock.
2. Instead of cutting your slit two inches further from the toe, which in this case would be right in the fancy, likely-to-unravel knit, cut the second slit two inches closer to the toe, in the tighter knit made for the bottom of the foot.
3. To put this one on, slide your hand through the top of the sock, not the toes. It'll reach WAY up your arm, but then you fold the toes back over and the top of the sock down to overlap the raw toe edge.

 With the splint:Without:

 Okay, that's all for now, folks!

Your Sister


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