Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your Favorite Thing About Your Least Favorite Season

At work, we once used this question as an ice breaker before a meeting: What's your favorite thing about your least favorite season?

It's a nice way to force yourself to look at the bright side, and, since we're heading into what I find to be the most depressing season, here goes for a list of my favorite thing about fall:
The crisp, blue skies of cool days
Bright, colorful leaves
I get to wear my sweaters and boots again
Visiting the orchard near my home (and eating an apple doused in caramel and Heath)
The workout that is leaf raking
Pulling out my favorite fall recipe (Sweet Potato, Red Onion and Fontina Tart)
Butternut squash
The bounty of the farmer's market
Pumpkin scented candles

I'm feeling better already!

What's your favorite thing about fall?

Your Sister

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  1. Haha I was JUST thinking about this today! I have a love-hate relationship with fall...cooler weather and fun fall scents and such are great, but it seems like something depressing always happens too. And this fall holds a LOT of possibilities for depressing events, so maybe I need to ask this question too!