Saturday, August 11, 2012

So I Can't Resist - Another Olympic Post

I posted last time about the tough perseverance of Olympians, and I thought I had said everything I wanted to say about them, but I just remembered one more thing that really struck me: Commentators kept saying things like, "This is her first Olympics" when referring to athletes.

Her first Olympics. Like she can expect a long line of Olympics after this one. Like it's not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And many athletes do return to the games, and some earn medals time after time.

That's what I want to be in my life: A repeat competitor. I'm beginning to realize that this is my first Olympics. Well, at almost thirty and with where I am right now, this might be the break after my first Olympics and before my next, really... But, anyway, the point is, more amazing moments are ahead. While I will do my best, I don't have to go home in tears when I fall short. There are more games to come! Thankfully, in life, my "sport" doesn't have to wait four years to come up again. Also, thankfully, I can get better and better at life so that I never pass my prime the way an athlete does.

It's the same for you. We are not flash-in-the-pan athletes. We are career champions who will perform to awed masses again and again and again. We're the ones who'll be household names, showing up time after time and dominating our field. Accomplish everything you can when you're given the chance. Train in the off season. Maintain the mindset that you will have more opportunities in the future if you just keep working at it.

Go, team!!

Your Sister

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