Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pick of the Farmer's Market: Ground Cherries

A couple years ago, a vendor at my local farmer's market talked me into trying a ground cherry. I had never seen one before, let alone tasted one, but I took the plunge on the assurances that it was quite good. And, it was!

A ground cherry looks like a tiny, golden tomatillo. It tastes like a berry. Each one is bundled up in a little natural wrapper like a tomatillo... or a piece of candy! In my area of the country, they're at the farmer's market usually in August, I think, so when I put them in a bowl, on my counter, they feel like a sign of fall.

Okay, now some of them have a kind of bitter aftertaste, just like some blueberries are awesome and some are just so-so. If you're on the hunt for the best tasting one, I'd look for one with the thinnest "wrapper".

What's your favorite farmer's market find?

Your Sister

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