Thursday, August 30, 2012


Breaking my wrist has put me in a position I haven't been in for... well, since I was a child. I'm dependant on others in so many ways. I'm used to being the leader and I'm something of a perfectionist. Of course I would bounce back from a broken wrist quickly. Miss work? Why? I need surgery? I'll be out for 2-3 weeks, maybe longer?? No way, I'm healthy. I'll bounce back from this in a week. I can work with a cast. I won't need more than a couple days of prescription meds. I believed these things so completely that it took almost a week AFTER surgery for me to realize this injury and this surgery? They're a big deal, and I can't lead myself through it, but it's like I need permission to let go, accept help, and be patient with myself as I heal.

Maybe you're like me. If you're exhausted from trying to keep up with just too much of life at the moment, this is for you.

You have permission to not know all the answers. You have permission - no, an obligation to ask for help. Rest. Take it all in stride, take it all in, take it as it comes, one day at a time. Stop accomplishing things, straining for unobtainable goals, and start enjoying the journey and the possibilities. Look for blessings in apparent inconveniences. Love God, love yourself, love others.

Your Sister

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