Monday, August 6, 2012

My Secret for Healthy Nails

Okay, so this is about the best my nails have been since... well, since ever. I was listening to coworkers talk about applying gel nails earlier this week, and I couldn't help feeling bad about how much hard work (not to mention financial investment) people can put in to making their nails look nice when really, it can be quite easy!

Here's the unadorned truth of how my nails look right now.
You should see them with polish :)
This isn't terribly long, but I feel them touching keys as I type, so I'm not sure I would want them longer, anyway. Before, my nails would rarely get to this length. Layers of nail were always peeling or separating at the ends. The culprit, I now know, was nail polish remover.

My mom recently started painting her nails on a regular basis. She said that after a few times, her nails had changed so much (for the worse) that they didn't even look like her nails anymore. So, she placed an order for us from Scotch Naturals. The company makes non-toxic nail polish and polish remover. The difference was immediate. Instead of drying out my nails (and causing all that peeling), this remover seems to condition my nails every time I use it. I switched back to regular nail polish remover once after starting to use Scotch Natural's remover (admittedly, the Scotch version takes longer to use, is messier, and will eat through pretty much any finish it comes into contact with), and my nails IMMEDIATELY looked all dried out and unhappy. So now, it's Scotch Naturals all the way - as far as remover is concerned.

The best part? You can still use traditional nail polish because it works on that, too.

Not that I don't like their polish. I do. It's just that then you need to get the base coat, the top coat, and the color, and their colors, as they show on the website, don't quite match what you get when your color arrives. So, anyway, if you don't have much spare cash or you're super-picky about color, just get the remover. If it's time to splurge a little, try the polish, too. :)

Okay, so that was a ringing endorsement, right? I didn't get anything for posting this. I just feel bad for everyone out there who's wrecking their nails with standard polish remover.

What's your best beauty tip?

Your Sister

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