Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Design Your Own Dinnerware - Easy!

I've been really busy, so I haven't been on Pintrest in a while... until recently! Lucky you ;)

I saw a post there about how easy it is to decorate porcelain dinnerware with a Sharpie. The directions said to draw on the plate with a Sharpie (non-toxic permanent marker) and then bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Another post said to only bake at 150. Well, either way, that looked easy! Turns out, I found a few hitches with the plan...

I went to Target and got some of their classic white porcelain dinnerware. I dug up some Sharpies. I went to work, writing and drawing. So far, so good...

Then, I baked my dinnerware at 300 for about half an hour... I took it out and decided to test it's permanence. Sure enough, my marker all scrubbed right off! :(

So, I tried again. I put it in at 350 for a good forty-five minutes, and it became much harder to scrub off. However, I did have another problem: I had written around the edge of one of my plates with an extra-fine red marker, but in the oven, it turned yellow except in one or two little spots where I guess the ink was thicker. Still, yellow works for me.

Here's a little appetizer bowl:
Later, when I saw someone else try this, I asked what the secret was. She said to make certain the ceramic is clean. Wash it and wipe it down with white vinegar. And then, bake at 450 (most of the plain, white ceramic I've come across is labelled on the bottom that it can handle temperatures that high but no higher) for 20 minutes. Much better.

Have you done any crafts lately?

Your Sister

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  1. Oooh but even if it scrubs off, would it stay on short-term, like if you wanted to have a cute dinner party with designs or initials on things? Cause that would be really cute!